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“PCS is fantastic at identifying network problems and informing me (the customer) in understandable dialogue, how that problem would best be remedied. I called PCS when my server crashed. PCS was able to stop a technician already en route to another job and fix our problem within 20 minutes. My business would have to close its’ doors if our network crashed for any length of time. PCS has always had a terrific response time for any network problems that could impair normal function of business.”

Weston Huber, IT Manager
Food Source International
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EHR incentives Near $7 Billion


Healthcare IT SupportBy August 2012, 143, 300 physicians and hospitals throughout the United States received approximately $6.9 billion in Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record payments, since the program began in 2011, according  Healthcare IT News.

Because of the incentives, more hospitals and physicians are adopting EHRs and using them meaningfully. This bodes well for patients because it means that physicians and hospitals are more frequently and more accurately recording and sharing important patient information such as “recording objectives for problem list, medications list or medication-allergy list. And there is little difference in performance among physicians and hospitals,” Robert Anthony, a specialist in CMS’ Office of e-Health Standards and Services, told Healthcare IT News. All are performing at high levels, according to Anthony.

The incentives will expire in 2015 and a penalty will be implemented instead; however, if electronic health records prove useful in significantly improving patient outcomes and increasing productivity, a penalty may not be needed to get the last few holdouts to change their minds and start using them.

Because there is no ceiling on the incentives that the government is paying out, it just makes sense for small eligible healthcare facilities to get on the bandwagon and benefit from what electronic health records have to offer and enjoy having a little extra cash on hand as well.

Do you need healthcare IT support?  Call us today, we are your trusted IT healthcare tech team and ready to help you.

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