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I just wanted to touch base with Phoenix Computer Specialists to let them know that I’d noticed an incredible change in the speed of my e-mail processing. A search that used to take 30-60+ seconds to finish, is now taking 5-10 seconds. (I actually told PCS I wondered if they had somehow managed to delete a good deal of my messages!). Apparently the boost in speed is due to the new server horsepower. I’ve already been able to put the new speed to good use when meeting w/people. As someone who does several daily searches through e-mail archives, this is like Christmas come early. Thanks for all of the work you’ve coordinated in updating our equipment.

Candace Barrier
Kortman Electric Inc.
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Phoenix Computer Support

HIT Skills In Demand


With the information technology movement spreading in the field of healthcare, we are seeing the demand for capable IT specialists growing. And come 2012, certain skills are bound to be in the limelight. Want to know what they are? Read on, then. Presenting you with the top six IT skills that are certainly going to be in-demand this coming year (courtesy – Guillermo Moreno, vice president of recruiting firm, Experis Healthcare):

  • ICD-10/5010 expertise: As more and more organizations migrate generically to ICD-10, there is an increased demand for skilled IT professionals with expertise in this area. Plus, the demand for professionals with expertise in project management, program management, and coding is sky high these days. And as Moreno puts it, “…frankly, in this country, there isn’t a lot of experience in that space.”
  • EMR and EHR implementation: Adoption of electronic health records has undoubtedly increased, but it has also brought along some voids and needs in the industry. Look at what Moreno has to say about this, “Some of the major software houses are tailoring their agendas around meaningful use and CPOE and other things that are required. This includes quality measures and compliance in the future around payment. So when you look at that and who is in the marketplace today, there’s clearly a higher degree of contracts in place and requirements to deliver against inpatient and outpatient EMRs versus what’s in the marketplace that’s available.” He also added that for certain implementation skill sets “there is a higher demand than there is availability.
  • Applications know-how:  Development of solutions, which includes applications (such as those required to measure quality and standards) and data management, has given rise to some increase in software development, software management, and application management. However, in some cases in the marketplace, companies who own the solutions themselves aren’t being able to find those skills easily which has increased the demand for such skills.
  • Security and compliance skills: Looking at where the industry is today and where it is heading to, we would be surprised if this skill didn’t make it to this list. Today, information is collected and is required to be moved from one environment to another, which is making protection of data all the more important. And there is HIPAA compliance and PHI to deal with, too. No doubt skills in the information management security side of the business are in huge demand these days.
  • Data management talents: Managing and protecting data (which includes putting together the appropriate structure to govern security and knowing how to protect information and address breaches from a compliance perspective) is yet another skill that is going to hog some limelight this new year. These skill sets aren’t mainstream in healthcare, though, so we’re going to have to wait for some time to see these skills enter the healthcare industry.
  • BI and analytics abilities: According to Moreno, “Business intelligence and analytics data is a way to aggregate information in a better way and with better quality,” and the industry is starting to see a higher degree of attention on just that; finding newer and more aggressive BI and analytics tools, that is. This in turn is going to increase the demand for those with BI and analytics abilities.

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