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Is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg giving away free iPhones and iPads?


Has Apple really partnered up with Mark Zuckerberg and the team from Facebook?

Is the social media giant really giving away free iPads and iPhones to random followers and users?

We don’t think that Apple has to worry about giving away their hottest products.  After all, they are selling like crazy across the world.  Does Apple really need to team up with Facebook to help promote their stuff?

If you are one of many who receive an email recently from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, don’t count yourself lucky.  There is a new scam going around the Internet today claiming that Facebook is giving away Apple products to some lucky recipients.

Here is an example of the email that arrived in our office today.

This is a hoax email and a trick to get you to sign up, claiming that you can win the new iPhone 4S or iPad 2.

As your trusted IT professionals,we would like to remind you that offers that come via email like this are often tricks.  This tricks are used by spammers and sometimes legitimate businesses to lure folks in.  We recommend that you always delete these messages and never act on them.  Don’t even consider forwarding them on to your friends either.  Always be on the look out and have your guard up when emails of this nature arrive in your inbox.  After all, Zuck would never email you from a address. Would he?

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