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Physicians Have Mad Love for Tablets


Healthcare IT SupportAverage individuals have more widely embraced cloud computing and technology such as smart phones and tablets for personal use almost without thinking about it. But when it comes to business, particularly the health care business, adoption has occurred at a slower pace, except when it comes to mobile devices.

According to a study conducted by health care market research and advisory firm Manhattan Research, which surveyed 3,015 practicing U.S. physicians during the first quarter of 2012, 62% of physicians in the United States have adopted tablets for professional use, with iPad coming in first place as the device of choice. Half of those surveyed said that they’d used their tablets “at the point of care.”

The Internet is as a great a resource for physicians as it is for anyone else. With the advent of cloud computing and electronic health records (EHR), access to the Internet — and company networks — from anywhere at any time is increasingly becoming a necessity. Manhattan Research’s study revealed that physicians with laptops or desktops, tablets, and smart phones went online more often and accessed the Internet on each device more often during their work days than those who only had two devices to use.

Regardless of how much time they spend online, physicians tend to spend less time engaging with each other via physician-focused social networks. They seem to prefer engaging with physicians they met while in school or at work to those they first met on social media sites.

When it came to learning and staying up to date with clinical information, more than 66% of physicians said that they used video to do so.

The health care industry may be lagging behind the rest of the professional world when it comes to cloud adoption, but when it comes to embracing devices like tablets, physicians at least are keeping pace with everyone else.

Are you looking for a quality Healthcare IT Support provider?  Call us today and we will work with you ensuring you have the right care for Healthcare IT needs.

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