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What do you like most about our services?

Communication.  On-site, e-mail, and telephone updates.  The online service portal further helps facilitate the communications process.

Tell us about a specific experience with us that you were happy with.

Friendly, personal service.  Midnight, middle of the week, I'm attending to a server error and Dave and Dianne show up because they "were just down the street."

What are the biggest benefits you've received or experience since hiring us?

1. Technical advisement.  Staff is able to communicate with me at "my" level.

2. Weekly support, updates, and "TLC" (our machines and me!).

Fire Chief Jim Haner
Sun City Fire District
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What is HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act?


Healthcare IT ConsultingHITECH a.k.a. the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act was enacted in 2009 as part of the American Recovery and Investment Act. In February 2009, it was signed into law. What’s it all about? HITECH is about promoting the meaningful use and adoption of health information technology.

Part D of this act looks at the privacy and security questions that come with electronically transmitting patient health information data. Part of this act offers several provisions to help ensure that there is civil and criminal enforcement when it comes to the rules of HIPAA.

One stipulation of this act was that as of 2011, healthcare providers could be offered incentives if they demonstrated best practices when it came to the use of electronic health records (EHRs). These incentives could be offered through 2015. After 2015, there could be penalties for failure to show that such measures have been in place when it comes to use of and access to EHRs. In addition, grants are available for personnel at training centers who are required to support such infrastructures.

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